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Leading students to learn how to work, play and communicate with classmates from a variety of nations and cultures while nurturing their unique gifts and talents


Children who have the opportunity to study at Oasis International School receive a world-class education in a classroom that mirrors the diversity of the world. Bright, cheery decorations in each classroom reflect the joy in each teacher’s heart as students are welcomed to another day of learning. Regular routines provide the structure needed to make students feel safe and comfortable. Interactive curriculum, cooperative learning activities, and weekly classes in fine arts, library skills, and technology keep students actively engaged each school day.

Students learn how to work, play, communicate, and celebrate with classmates and friends from a variety of nations and cultures. Our teachers help each student to see his or her unique gifts and talents as essential to the success of the classroom community.




Academically, our students consistently score well on the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests administered each fall and spring. Our students score above the overall 50th percentile (median) at every grade level—sometimes significantly higher. When compared strictly with international schools around the world, Oasis students also exceeded the 50th percentile mark for international schools in every grade.

Our students do not succeed because they learn how to take a test; our students succeed because teachers at Oasis teach students how to learn. Our teachers model good character and a love for learning. We desire that our students learn those lessons most of all.

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