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Service Learning

Helping our students to gain real-world experiences and build skills they will use throughout their life


The Aslan Award is awarded to the students of Oasis who show initiative in community service and school involvement. It allows students to demonstrate good character and gives them opportunities to have a positive impact on the community. When searching for colleges, having an award which states school and community involvement will also have a high level of appeal to colleges as they take a student’s application into consideration.



In order to earn the Aslan Award, students participate in 20 hours of documented community service. Earning community service hours entails performing an act of unpaid service to a member or organization in your community.


Students must also either participate in one school-sponsored ECA (i.e. sports teams, clubs, etc.) or serve 10 hours in school involvement (i.e. teacher’s aide). 

After completing these requirements the student must then receive 2 letters of recommendation for the award: One from an OIS staff member, and one from an adult.


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