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 Find out more about Oasis directly from our students and staff

“Thank you for the extraordinary work effort and dedication that you and the entire staff of the school have invested in the education and the forming of my child’s character over the past few years, as well as for the support and understanding you have had for us. I would like to point out that, if I my children continue with education in foreign countries over the next few years, the Oasis Schools network will always be the first choice.”

Branislav P.

Serbian Embassy dad

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My son loves his school and studies, which makes us very happy. We are thankful for the entire staff of Oasis for providing a high quality education to our children. 

Zakia H.
Afghani father to a graduate

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From Oasis International School, I, a Middle-Eastern man, graduated to attend an American university on an academic full scholarship. I earned my Bachelor’s in Political Science, a semester early, with a 3.8 out of 4 grade point average. Here is taught wisdom and love for all cultures. Judge a school with your child’s future in mind; one day they will thank you for it.

Daniel B.

Oasis Graduate

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One of the main reasons my wife and I chose Oasis for our daughters was because of the school’s wonderful atmosphere. We believe all children should be supported to achieve their full academic potential. We also believe that children should be encouraged to develop their characters in such a way that they will become valued members of any society in which they live. At Oasis they are being supported by yourself and your outstanding staff to become well-rounded individuals of whom we can only be proud. For this reason I wanted to write and thank you and your team.

Dusan S.

Serbian Ambassador

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“We would like to express our appreciation to Oasis during our stay in Turkey. The school’s efforts in getting our daughter to where she is academically, spiritually and character-wise has been a tremendous help in making her a person we are very proud of today.”

Kiema & Christine K.

Kenyan Ambassador & wife

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My children are leaving Oasis after almost four wonderful years full of nice memories, great friendships, and knowledge gained, all through great OIS staff support. For this I truly thank you personally for your excellent support of my children's education and your invaluable advice that you have shared with them over the years.  For sure we have enjoyed having all our children in Oasis. I would like to thank the guidance office especially as you were there from the beginning providing such great support to us; it was a really excellent experience.

Senadin S.
Bosnian father to 3 children enrolled at Oasis

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There are few memories I have from my years at Oasis that are not fond ones. The teachers were excellent! They were supportive, encouraging, and fun to be around. The faculty and staff’s enduring commitment to and demonstration of character was inspirational and has most certainly shaped my own. Oasis’ small class sizes and disproportionately extravagant extracurricular opportunities made coming to school something to look forward to. I left Oasis feeling exceptionally prepared for my continuing education — a journey that has brought me all the way to medical school! Thank you faculty, staff and friends from Oasis!

Peter W.

Oasis Graduate

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The boys will be sad to leave Oasis. They have enjoyed it these past four years.

Rebecca C.
American embassy mother

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“Everyone at Oasis has been great and totally supportive. We are so glad that our son has found his special place at Oasis. He loves his friends and teachers. My husband and I are thankful for Oasis and everyone’s commitment to education and character. These foundations make all the difference. We’re very grateful to you and your team. We love Oasis and hope that many families find their way to you. It’s been a blessing to be part of the Oasis family!”

Melissa N.

U.S. Embassy mom

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We very much appreciate all you do for our family and for our daughter. Oasis has been a WONDERFUL school and I tell newly arriving families about the school all the time.

James M.

U.S. Embassy dad

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We'd like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Oasis. It is an incredible school and the boys have been so lucky to spend time there. What an amazing opportunity in life. Special thanks to the teachers who have worked so hard during the pandemic, the guidance office, and the tutors who have helped us keep on top of things since Christmas. 

Claire R.
Mother of middle school students

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It has always been a pleasure dealing with your school and I truly wish that my children could have continued to have both their academic education, and the wonderful “life with love” education you gave them. It is a wonderful community that you have going on there at the school and long may it continue.

Michelle M.

Irish Embassy mom

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We love OASIS. I appreciate all the teachers and staff. You really take care of my boy.

Jongee P.

Korean father to an elementary student

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