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Explore our diverse and caring secondary community


We want to extend a warm welcome to Oasis International School (OIS), a diverse, vibrant, and flourishing school community. Our purpose at OIS is to exemplify truth, pursue excellence, and respect diversity. OIS exists because of our belief that a major impact can be made on our world through the education of international children, who will in turn positively impact the world.

At OIS we are committed to maintaining a rigorous educational environment through Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, along with numerous opportunities for students to participate in PSAT and SAT testing. Our teachers are committed to meeting the needs of each individual student in a personal and professional environment. Additionally, we continually provide many extra-curricular opportunities, such as Student Council, sports, clubs, and theater and music productions. 

As a school, we hold five Expected Student Outcomes (ESOs): Outstanding Character, Academic Excellence, Servant Leadership, Intellectual Curiosity, and Sportsmanship. Each one of our ESOs are woven into every part of our program: from the classroom to the pitch.

Once again, welcome to OIS-Ankara!

Secondary Leadership



In addition to a quality academic program, Oasis offers a variety of after-school, extracurricular activities (ECAs). Each year these ECAs vary, but possible opportunities include drama groups, athletic teams, music groups, and a myriad of clubs.

The exact nature and number of any such ECAs will be determined shortly after school starts each year, according to the interest of students and the availability of sponsors.



The OASIS counseling program has four components: social/emotional counseling, career guidance, prevention activities, and support services. Oasis has qualified counselors for social/emotional individual counseling for all grade levels. OASIS counselors meet with students and parents on post-secondary school options, university applications, and/or facilitating testing requirements. Students meet yearly for academic counseling to choose rigorous class schedules and be prepared for their careers. The guidance counseling staff also teaches a semester elective called Career Education. The counselors facilitate preventative workshops and classroom lessons on counseling issues such as student safety. OASIS also employs a part-time registrar for all Sycamore reporting and online course registrations and follow-up. For more information, please click on this link.


Visual Arts classes at our school are designed to help students explore their creativity and develop a better understanding of the arts. Our courses range from painting and drawing to ceramics and sculpture. We also offer classes focused on art history and the fundamentals of visual expression. Our teachers are passionate about helping students develop their own unique styles and techniques. Each class is structured to provide students with the opportunity to experiment and discover their own creative voice.

Ninth through twelfth graders can choose from a variety of semester-long art courses including Art History, Studio Art, and Introduction to Drawing and Painting. Secondary art students can participate in a field trip to Cappadocia to explore the rich art and culture of Turkey and visit a local Ebru artist’s studio. Student artwork will be displayed in the annual Spring Art Show. Secondary students can also develop their design skills and express creativity through computer electives. Though electives may vary from year to year, previous classes have included yearbook, graphic design, and computer animation.